Keeping it green – RollsPack is committed to a greener planet

RollsPack takes the environmental impact of our packaging products seriously. As a leading green corporation, we share our recycling policies and practices with our customers and industry partners. A signatory for the Australian Packaging Covenant, RollsPack is part of a culture and industry that aims to encourage businesses to design more sustainable packaging and increase recycling. Our goal is to manufacture our products using 100% recyclable materials by 2025.

Giving back is important to us at RollsPack

We feel it’s our duty to be active within our community by assisting the various groups, schools, clubs and charities that are connected to our wonderful local area.

We’ve been supporting ‘Kids Undercover’ for over twenty years and take great pride in assisting a diverse range of other very worthy recipients:

Our self-aligning
smart technology
printing prevents
print wastage
We recycle the
heat that comes
off our machines
We recycle 100%
of our waste
Solar panels make
our warehouse
100% energy
Our returned satchels
are recycled to help
build children’s